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ChemoSense is a quarterly bulletin dedicated to informing a broad international readership of the latest developments in the scientific field of the chemical senses: those senses such as smell and taste that translate molecular information into experience and behaviour. It is a field that crosses many disciplines and has an extremely wide range of applications. ChemoSense aims to inform intelligent people of the opportunities that chemosensory research offers.

By using this window on this crucial yet shy field of science and technology, readers will share the vision of the future that each mini-review, commentary and news item has to offer.

It has been the intention of the founders that ChemoSense should inspire more cash and supportive investment by industry, entrepreneurs and benefactors in this exciting field of knowledge-creation.

ChemoSense began in December 1998 as a publication of The Centre for ChemoSensory Research, of the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. In 2003 the university Centre closed and two companies spun out of it: E-Nose Pty Ltd, and Graham Bell and Associates Pty Ltd. These companies have shared the costs of producing ChemoSense since March 2003, when the publication changed from print to digital media.

ChemoSense now reaches over 4000 readers world-wide. Its contents are used as teaching materials in dozens of countries, and scientists and industrialists value the high quality of the writing, which makes difficult information available to all.

In October 2008, the publication celebrated 10 years of existence and its 40th issue, most of which have been 16 pages in length. Tributes from many key figures in the field of chemosensory science and technology are published in the October 2008 issue.

Each issue carries at least one mini-review, by invitation, from a leading person in a chemosensory area. They are asked to convey their unique perspective and experience on the subject and to present it in an easily read style. Ideas and suggestions for forthcoming articles are welcome: simply e-mail the editor, Graham Bell, on

Advertising inquiries are welcome: for information about rates and deadlines, please contact Brian Crowley:




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The March 2015 Issue of ChemoSense
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ChemoSense March 2015

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